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A story about having the courage to let go of the reins and trust that things fall naturally in their best place.

We are happy to share Anca‘s journey (so far) with you! Please see the article published in ZF.

by Ijdelea Mihailescu • October 21, 2018

Romanian Public Property – Why Investors Still Play with Fire

“Investors and Professionals Alike Still Fail to See the Signs Although the issue is getting more visible, many times people still struggle to understand the risks involving the acquisition of real estate pertaining to public property. This is due to various factors including the lack of extensive legal literature on this topic…“ Originally published in […]

by Ijdelea Mihailescu • September 10, 2018

Romania May Become One of the Great European Powers in the Energy Sector

“Currently, more than 90% of Romania’s gas consumption is produced from internal sources, and it is expected that the country will soon become a gas exporter, due mainly to recent discoveries in the Black Sea, but also to new onshore discoveries.” – Anca Mihailescu, Bogdan Rotaru February 2018 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine. […]

by Ijdelea Mihailescu • February 27, 2018
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Ministry of Environment Cancels the 1% Tax Out of the Value of the Projects for the Review of EIA Studies Prepared for Complex Projects

The new EIA law which transposes the related EU legislation (Directive 2014/52/EU of 16 April 2014 amending Directive 2011/92/EU on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment) is expected to come into effect this year. The public debate in relation to the initial draft law has been finalised […]

by Ijdelea Mihailescu • February 2, 2018

Everybody is Waiting for a PPP Reform

“Everybody is waiting for a PPP reform, especially considering that PPP has been actively implemented in other countries for many ground-braking infrastructure projects. A new PPP law was adopted in Romania at the end of last year and it can be seen as a step forward in facilitating PPP projects but currently it is not […]

by Ijdelea Mihailescu • November 30, 2017
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Oana Ijdelea is Nominated for “Young Energy Professional” Award

  “With energy, drive, perseverance and a detailed understanding of all related complex issues, Oana took the lead role in unlocking all the regulatory matters in the way of developing offshore gas fields for BSOG. […] Oana succeeded in delivering palpable results and for her role in putting forward a coherent and functional legislative framework […]

by Anca Mihailescu • November 17, 2017

New Legal Framework for the Offshore Legislation

“In the last few years significant natural gas discoveries were reported by several titleholders of offshore petroleum concessions in the Romanian Black Sea. Though no commercial discoveries have been declared to date, some of the gas discoveries are now in an advanced phase of evaluation by the investors and are drawing closer to the date […]

by Ijdelea Mihailescu • October 15, 2017
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Ijdelea Mihailescu Open Doors in Bucharest

Oana Ijdelea and Anca Mihailescu are joining forces to launch a new full-service law firm in Bucharest — Ijdelea Mihailescu, Attorneys & Advisors — with a particular focus on energy & natural resources, M&A, environmental law, and real estate & construction. “We have a complementary mix of expertise, added to the fact that a handful of […]

by Anca Mihailescu • October 13, 2017