Partner Anca Mihailescu advances her commitment towards the International Bar Association community by active engagement during the 2019 Annual Conference, that took place in Seoul, South Korea, between September 22nd-27th. Ms. Mihailescu was a speaker of the“Electromobility” and co-chaired the “Pipelines or pipe dreams?” and “Oil and gas in the Koreas: liquefied natural gas (LNG)” sessions.

Together with the experts Sarah Fitts (USA), Song-Yi Son (South Korea), Marc Baltus (Germany), Stephanie Stimpson (Canada), Ali El Hage Filho (Brazil), Chaeho Kim (South Korea), Sofiya Zhylkaidarova (Kazakhstan), Luis Erize (Argentina), Nelia Daniel Dias (Angola), Joong-Sik Choi (South Korea), Hilary Lau (Hong Kong) and Friedrich Von Burchard (Germany), Ms. Mihailescu covered various subjects related to energy diversity, from gas pipelines to LNG projects, to electromobility and its impacts on the power sector.

The future belongs to gas and electricity in sync!