This year the International Bar Association Annual Conference is IBA 2020 – Virtually Together.

We are proud to announce that Partner Anca Mihailescu will co-chair (together with @Sarah A. W. Fitts) one of the sessions, having the following distinguished speakers:

Jonathon Monken, Director of Resilience for PJM Interconnection LLC, USA

Carmen-Magdalena Oprea, Policy Officer, European Commission

Lana Zerkal, Foreign Affairs CEO, Naftogaz (former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)

The session will look at how national security issues affect the oil and gas sector. Examples include security of supply challenges, the effect of national security policies, such as economic sanctions impacting the business of oil and gas and protection of infrastructure against major risks, for example, oil facility attacks (terrorist or other activity), political risks and cyber security threats (especially in post Covid-19 times) etc.