Ringhel Team and Ijdelea Mihailescu have been contracted by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) for the preparation of a “Study on the existing situation related to the energy supplier switch”. The goal of the study is to develop technical, regulatory and legal proposals for the development and implementation at national level of an online platform designed to optimize the operational processes generated by energy and natural gas supplier change requests by managing the flow of information in a fully automated and digitized manner. Ringhel Team has been active on the Romanian market since 2014 and has launched various software applications for the digitization of energy companies. The combined experience of Ringhel Team and Ijdelea Mihailescu covers the entire spectrum of the energy and new IT technologies fields. Ijdelea Mihailescu’s team working on the study is composed of three lawyers, under the coordination of Partner Anca Mihailescu.

“Together with our partner, we are happy to be among the first professionals contributing to the digitalisation of the Romanian energy field. We believe that digitalisation of the energy field is a topic of great relevance and necessity both at a European and national level as it will strongly contribute to competition and energy efficiency.” noted Partner Anca Mihailescu.

“As we wish to prepare a clear and comprehensive study complying with the entire set of EU and national legislation while fully observing the practical concerns of the market, we are working closely with ANRE, market participants (including suppliers and distributors) and, last but far not least, consumers.” noted Mihai Darzan, CEO, Ringhel Team.

ANRE’s press release may be accessed via the following link: